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RightsIn Marketplace™ Launches, Changing Landscape of Online Rights Monetization

The act of buying and selling or otherwise licensing rights to everything from music and video to books and patents has been changed forever.

Simplifying a process that can take weeks or longer in some cases, RightsIn Marketplace provides content owners and potential buyers with an easy to use platform to quickly and seamlessly monetize intellectual property. Available around the world, 24/7, the marketplace offers broadcasters, distributors and resellers everywhere the ability to license selected rights in their own market.

“It has never been done before in a marketplace,” says RightsIn CEO Ray Young. “Before now, there was no place on the market today where a songwriter or film producer could say, ‘This is my product, this is how you can use it, and if you want to use it, you can license it right now in real-time.’ RightsIn Marketplace will change the way intellectual property – music, books, patents and more – are sold and licensed around the world.”

With the launch of the RightsIn Marketplace, owners of intellectual property now have the flexibility to offer their property with specific licensing terms - whether exclusively or non-exclusively, for selected rights, territories, date ranges, and media. A YouTube or GoPro content owner, for instance, can instantly gain access to new revenue channels that were previously not exploited and can manage their videos directly, setting prices, availability, and other contract terms. The RightsIn software keeps track of all these details in a way no other platform currently does.

Neil Ouzman, CEO of Gilt Edge Media, an independent all rights distributor based in the U.K., calls RightsIn “a game changer.”

“When Ray first showed us RightsIn, we were blown away,” Ouzman says. “Not only is it simple to use but it also gives us the power to have our content represented all over the world. It's a game changer! We are a boutique content distributor, and to date it's been challenging to represent ourselves all over the globe. With RightsIn, it is easy to conduct business virtually and globally. The UI makes it easy to upload and manage all of your content, deal by deal. With more users comes more deals and more revenue. These are exciting times."

RightsIn Marketplace is ideal for content creators big and small, not just film studios or record labels with significant resources at their disposal.

“We want to bring it to the masses, so independent musicians or film producers can be paid fairly for their work based on market demand,” says Young. “Artists aren’t currently being paid what they should. RightsIn Marketplace gives a platform to these artists so they can dictate how, where, and when their product can be sold or licensed. We can turn what would otherwise be an unauthorized user into an actual customer and can turn deep catalog product into reliable revenue streams."

RightsIn Marketplace is a joint venture of Rights2, Inc., a Los Angeles-based entertainment software company, and DDBill Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Dinpay, China's leading third party secure payment platform provider.

RightsIn Marketplace was founded by the same team that created WebConcepts, Inc. and invented the Methods and Systems for Collaborative Demand Planning and Replenishment. With its eVMI software, the company revolutionized the way DVD distributions are planned and replenished to global retailers for major Hollywood studios.