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RightsIn Marketplace is a joint venture of Rights2, Inc., a Los Angeles-based entertainment software company, and DDBill Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Dinpay, China's leading third party secure payment platform provider.

RightsIn Marketplace was founded by the same team that created WebConcepts, Inc. and invented the Methods and Systems for ...

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Jeff Greene
(812) 339-1195

New Markets, New Mobile Formats, New Income from Deep Catalog: How RightsIn is Opening up Global Sales for US Film Distributor ITN

Along with their hot new releases, independent distributors have deep catalog, films that may not see constant or intense demand but that truly fit the bill for certain broadcasters and other media companies around the world. Exploiting those rich but complex resources, making those numerous deals, however, can prove extremely challenging.

ITN, a distributor releasing at least 4 films a month that’s been in the business around 20 years, faced these challenges. They had limited sales resources, with teams that couldn’t cover all the world’s potential markets. They had a huge catalog that was unwieldy, and generating the availability and cost to license a particular film in a specific market could take hours, even days.

“We release dozens of films a year,” explains ITN president Stuart Alson. “We were looking for a new rights management partner.”

That’s when Alson crossed paths with Ray Young, the technologist and mastermind behind the IP marketplace RightsIn. After meeting at a dinner party, Alson and Young discussed potential collaborations. Young met with ITN staff, who managed the catalog and sales queries. He saw an opportunity to showcase RightsIn’s patent-pending rights exploitation technology to exponentially increase ITN’s sales universe.

“In ITN’s rights management system, for someone to find all the movies available for free broadcast TV in Mongolia, say, he’d have to work for days,” says Young. “In our system it takes a matter of seconds.”

However, RightsIn does more than park a distributors’ catalog on an online marketplace, and make search and licensing fast and simple. Young has also cultivated boots on the ground in markets where American distributors and studios still have limited reach, from Mongolia to Malaysia to Indonesia. “We chose RightsIn as a partner for the real-time avails and the international reach, among other reasons,” notes Alson. “Now we can get our catalog to more places, extremely easily.”

And there are serious financial payoffs for the right kind of deals. Young and RightsIn have trained sales teams to work directly with potential media partners to create longer-term relationships and bigger bundles of content deals for companies like ITN. “Instead of buyers coming to a company and saying, ‘I want rights to this movie,’ we meet with regional TV stations and ask if they are looking for movies to air,” Young notes. “The answer is often yes, and at rates more lucrative than a one-off license for a single film.”

These new opportunities often involve emerging mobile and other pay-per-view formats. Audiences that rarely had access to media before the advent of feature and smartphones can now reliably and affordably view feature-length films. “Cellphone carriers are now delivering pay-per-view and on demand on mobile devices,” says Young. “We’re negotiating those deals for ITN in those markets.”

New formats have multiple technical requirements, something RightsIn has also addressed for partners like ITN, so that they don’t have to service each individual partner overseas. “ITN has a tech staff, and we work with them,” Young explains. “They don’t have to support every customer. We give them the spec, they put it on a FTP site, and we get it to the right partners.”

About RightsIn

RightsIn is a comprehensive, internationally savvy IP marketplace specializing in video, film, and music content. It connects buyers worldwide with rightsholders to facilitate mutually beneficial deals using a variety of technologically innovative pricing, sales, and analytical tools.

About ITN Films

ITN Distribution, Inc. is a leading independent film distribution company that specializes in high quality, genre and star driven independent films for the domestic and international TV, VOD, DVD and theatrical markets. ITN releases 24 films per year with ITN's connection to all major retailers and rentals in North America, such as Redbox, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and Video-On-Demand (VOD) outlets. ITN produces, distributes and acquires films worldwide.

ITN attends the following 12 markets each year:  Cannes Film Festival, American Film Market, Berlin Film Festival-European Film Market, Hong Kong FILMART, MIP TV, MIPCOM, NATPE Eastern Europe, NATPE Miami, Toronto, Prague-World Content, Ventana Sur-Argentina  and  Busan, Korea The AsianFilm Market