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RightsIn Marketplace is a joint venture of Rights2, Inc., a Los Angeles-based entertainment software company, and DDBill Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Dinpay, China's leading third party secure payment platform provider.

RightsIn Marketplace was founded by the same team that created WebConcepts, Inc. and invented the Methods and Systems for ...

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Jeff Greene
(812) 339-1195

RightsIn Teams Up with Iceland’s Unna to Help Musicians Monetize Their Catalog in a Global Online Marketplace

RightsIn, the global content marketplace and licensing platform, is teaming up with Unna, the rights-management offshoot of Icelandic Records, to present its new model for labels, musicians, and other rights holders hoping to maximize their sync and other licensing opportunities.

RightsIn is unlike any other digital marketplace for music. The company focuses on relationship building in markets that have been left out of the content equation, connecting buyers and sellers in deals that go beyond one-off licenses. “We focus on building sales teams on the ground, in markets like China and Indonesia,” explains founder and CEO Ray Young. “We work closely with local partners who know the market inside and out, to close strong deals for revenue shares with content creators and distributors. These are deals that could not happen any other way,” like providing music and film for on-demand mobile services in Vietnam or Mongolia.

When Iceland’s Unna Music was looking for a partner in the licensing space, they turned to RightsIn. “Unna was born because the royalty and collection systems are extremely complex for artists and songwriters to understand and administer,” explains Soffia Kristin Jonsdottir of Unna. “There is no easy way for content creators and owners to know what they should be getting paid. We built the digital rights management platform to better help navigate catalog assets.”

RightsIn provided the tools to make Unna run effectively, a white-label and turn-key solution to catalog management, pricing, and deal making worldwide.

 “We simplify and centralize and monetize revenue collection, demanding a standard of transparency between stakeholders. From contract management, pricing, promotion, distribution, royalties collection, to invoicing, we oversee the entirety of the lifecycle of music to ensure creators are being compensated to the extent of their work,” says Jonsdottir. “Unna was built to be a platform to enable artists and management, PRO’s and labels, to directly stream, broadcast and sell via a wholesale model. Initially, we will utilize RightsIn marketplace for licensing music to all media types.”

About RightsIn

RightsIn is a comprehensive, international IP marketplace specializing in video, film, and music content. It connects buyers worldwide with rightsholders to facilitate mutually beneficial deals using a variety of technologically innovative pricing, sales, and analytical tools.

About Unna

Unna means love... and it's also the name of our unique technology platform that makes it easy to upload and manage your entire music catalog all in one place, manage creators' rights to your music to ensure that all creators involved get credit & paid for their work, and monetize your music by enabling upload of your catalog to the world's largest music marketplace...then track your catalog performance in realtime.